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A Uniquely Comprehensive Solution

Best for your customers

Delivering industry-leading online services to your centres and providers

Best for your colleagues

Supporting operations, development, compliance, CASS, QA management

Best for your Management Team

Easy access to critical qualitative and quantitative information

Supporting ALL CASS requirements 

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Extensive Functionality: Built In, Not Bolted On

Best for your customers

  • Registration and claims: vast range of data-input options (any file-format, direct online entry, APIs)
  • Certification: tailored, dynamic, multi-section, paper certificates and electronic certificates; cards and Apple/Android 'wallet' passes
  • Authentication: secure online and QR verification with AuthentiQual®
  • Online assessment: fully integrated eAssessment registration and scheduling
  • Centre self service: contact management; reporting; fully managed online accreditation; appeals, maladministration, etc.
  • A2C: a fully functional A2C product catalogue is available now for your centres

Best for your colleagues

  • Visibility: 360° view of your data
  • Workflow: outstanding built-in graphical tool to design/define key business processes and collaborative workflows
  • Operational reporting: self-service reporting against all data
  • Finance: fully integrated invoice processing
  • Security: highly secure, role-based access with optional two factor authentication
  • CASS: full support for all CASS requirements, fully online moderation, vist resource-planning, strategy management, etc.

Best for your Senior Management Team

  • Key information: simple route to qualitative information (centres, contacts, provision, etc.)
  • Compliance and regulation: full management of regulatory requirements (including tracking and monitoring GCRs compliance)
  • Pricing: transparent, all-inclusive pricing through a simple all-modules and unlimited-users enterprise licence
  • Dashboard: fully interactive, delivering real-time insights into critical business information

Supporting ALL your CASS requirements 

  • EQA 'Visits': (aka "annual activities") unique and unrivalled resource and sample planning tool to create online 'events' for managing, tracking and auditing EQA 'visits' (annual activities)
  • Operations: full operational support for moderated vs non-moderated assessments and fully online differential "Centre Assessments" processing-workflows to meet your operational CASS requirements
  • CASS Strategies: automated audited workflows to meet Ofqual requirements (with template workflows) to manage all associated documents, emails, forms and (online) PDFs

More information 

for more information about Quartz, the Complete IT Solution for AOs and EPAOs.